The following is very short script for Unity, which has the correct speed and jump height for use as a foundation. Movement.cs using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class MovmentPrototype : MonoBehaviour { public int speed = 5; public int jumpHeight = 7; private Rigidbody2D myRB2D; private bool inAir = false; // Use this for initialization … Continue reading Movement.cs


Early Design Notation.

This was an early note, outlining what I wanted the game to be at its core. Specifically, it fleshed out the core elements. DesignItemsOfImportance.txt ---------------------------------------- VARIETY ---------------------------------------- Local Co-op games require at least (the maximum number of players) characters, so in this case 4 However, people will develop favourites and as such more options increase … Continue reading Early Design Notation.


"Average number of points" should be at 500 points when develop begins, and should change based on playtests. No medal can be handed out twice per game. If two players are eligible, neither receive it. Each medal should be roughly round, and have a small depiction on them that represents what they're awarded for. Positive … Continue reading Medals

Post Game

Medal Screen The screen is divided into quarters (Or halves [Vertical division] for two players), with each character having their own section. The medal that is about to be awarded appears in the screen's centre. It pulses briefly, then slams itself down into its winner's section. This animation is one second long. This repeats until … Continue reading Post Game