Once “Play” is pressed from the boss select screen, that box rapidly shrinks toward the centre of the screen as it fades out, whilst the character splash screens fade back in over the columns. “Vs” appears in the screen’s centre, and a splash screen of the boss appears as the game loads.

When it loads back in, the characters are standing lined up on the left-hand side of a black screen. A countdown of “ready, set, go” appears, each landing atop the previous word on the screen’s centre, creating a splash of Red, then Yellow and then Green respectively (These splashes do not completely overlap, allowing prior splashes to be seen behind the latest). The black screen then rapidly fades out, revealing the boss fight behind it, and players are given control of their characters. At the very top of the screen, aligned to its centre, is a timer counting down from 15 minutes. Hugging the bottom of the timer, like a margin, is a red bar. On its left-hand side, a cartoon skull, with a green plus on the bar’s right, each the same height as this shallow bar. This bar acts as the boss’s health, the left being 0% health and the right representing 100%.

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