The French annexation of Flanders

siegebossIn 1300, the French began the annexation of Flanders. Around this time was the first known uses of the words ‘party’, ‘boss’ and ‘rush’ in the english language (Although probably not together). The players face off against a Siege Tower as it approaches.

Battle Information

The Siege Tower is heading from right to left, and should take 3 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the journey uninterrupted. This means that it moves across 0.5% of the screen per second. Players push the Siege Tower back by hitting it, moving it by around 2% of the screen per hit. This is unaffected by the damage that the players actually do. This boss has an extra lose condition, where the Siege Tower reaches the left-hand side. Only one Army Attack and one Siege Tower may be ongoing at any one time.

Army Attacks

  • Arrow Barrage – A small number of arrows fall from the top of the screen to the bottom, with no horizontal movement. On hit, they add downward momentum to players.
  • Forward March – A group of soldiers march across the screen, coming from behind the Siege Tower. They act as a surface for players to walk on, but if they march into a player, the player is repelled. These soldiers can be attacked to deal damage to the boss.

Siege Tower Attacks

  • Sword Shield – Swords come out of the ground floor of the Siege Tower, creating a surface players can stand on. When they stab out, they repel players by a large amount. Whilst they remain, the tips of the swords repel by a small amount. After five seconds, they retract. This attack cannot activate if there is less than 25% of the screen left before the Siege Tower reaches the left side. This attack can be activated again once the tower has been pushed back beyond this point.
  • Arrow Wall – Arrows arc out from either the first or second floor of the Siege Tower, which add downward momentum on hit. The attack lasts for one second, with the arrows arcing as though following the circumference of a circle that is centred on the front wheel of the siege tower. Attacks cannot be launched from either floor if the Siege Tower had crossed over 50% of the screen. This attack can be activated again once the tower has been pushed back beyond this point.

There is a Knight on the overhang that extends from the third floor of the Siege Tower, wielding a longsword. Before a Siege Tower attack, he taps the tip of his sword onto the overhang, once for each floor that the attack comes from (So if Arrow Shield is used from the first floor, he taps twice [One for ground floor, and again for first floor]). Attacking him does damage to the whole boss but does not push the Siege Tower back, and he has a personal health pool equal to 30% of the boss’s maximum health. If he dies, Siege Tower attacks can no longer activate. He never respawns. If a player lands on the overhang whilst he remains alive, Siege Tower attacks can no longer activate and he takes eight seconds to telegraph an attack. This attack pushes all players on the overhang to the left side of the screen. The Knight then takes two seconds to return to his passive stance, during which time Siege Tower attacks cannot activate.

Play area

Left, right and bottom of the screen and a small area just above the top of the screen. The area behind the boss is inaccessible, no matter how far across it is. Whilst the left, right and bottom sides of the play area stop all momentum, the top side flips Y momentum.

Art Information

The Siege Tower and accompanying army are French from 1300. The background is fields, with a sunny sky. Small groups of soldiers cross these fields (with comical dust clouds from their feet), and before the Army Attack “Forward March” activates, a soldier with a standard is amongst a group. Before the Army Attack “Arrow Barrage” activates, a hail of arrows crosses the skyline. The fields start the match with poppies along them, but these get crushed by soldiers as the battle goes on. There are some clouds crossing from right to left in the background.

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