Post Game

Medal Screen

The screen is divided into quarters (Or halves [Vertical division] for two players), with each character having their own section. The medal that is about to be awarded appears in the screen’s centre. It pulses briefly, then slams itself down into its winner’s section. This animation is one second long. This repeats until all medals that need to be awarded are handed out. Descriptions then appear beneath the medals. When any input is given, everything except the character’s splashes disappears, as they drift toward the top of the screen, lined up.

Score Screen

Columns drop from the splashes, and the following boxes slam onto them:

% of damage done (Rounded to nearest whole number)
Number of Medals

The correct point values from these boxes slowly reveal themselves from beneath the boxes, speed being slower the further down the box is (So percentage dealt is quickest, Medals is the medium, and Total is slowest).

A “Winner!” banner appears across the splash of the winning character, and the screen remains until any button is pressed (Expect “Jump”), returning to the character screen. If “Jump” was pressed, the Medal screen returns, in a finished state.

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