Dyson Swarm

dysonswarmbossA Dyson Swarm is the lesser-known cousin of the Dyson Sphere. It is a collection of artificial satellites orbiting closely to an active star to harvest its energy. Players fight on a larger one of these satellites, a control unit that commands the others.

Battle Information

A tall structure, with a glass front, sits on the right-hand side of the screen. A server tower sits within. This is the player’s target. Only one Control attack and one Satellite attack may be active at any one time.

Control attacks

  • Cleaning Laser – A Laser cannon appears in-front of the tall structure, and fires across the bottom of the screen for a brief amount of time, allowing players to jump over its attack. Players are pushed back the attack, straight to the left-hand side. Players landing on it bounce.
  • Trap Door – A red light flashes for an exact second, and then a trap door opens. There is a grate above it (Which shows players where the trap doors are), however a visible beam of sunlight appears for three seconds, bouncing players away. These trap doors are small, and mostly located on the left-hand side of the platform the players are one.
  • Flip Trap – If a player has been atop the tall structure for more than five seconds, a large section of floor suddenly flips up and to the left ( Tall enough that it reaches the top of the screen  when fully extended) from the top of the tall structure, launching players away. It then retracts as suddenly as it deployed.

Satellite attacks

  • Laser Satellite – A satellite hovers over the platform, aiming a laser gun at a random player for 3 seconds, the sustains a laser for 2 seconds, holding its aim in the same place throughout (And as such it stops following the player). Players bounce on hit.
  • Unarmed Satellite – A satellite hovers over the platform for 3 seconds, pointing itself at a random player. It then charges at them, keeping its heading until it is offscreen, where it despawn. Repels on hit. Boss must be lower than 66% health for this attack to activate.
  • Satellite Swarm – A number of satellites (equal to the number of players + 1) line up equidistant from each other at the top of the screen. They all aim at the same random player for 3 seconds, before launching one-by-one by at the point the player was at when they started launching. Each satellite launches after the pervious has disappeared offscreen. They all repel on hit. Boss must be lower than 33% health for this attack to activate.

Play Area

Left, right and bottom of the screen and a small area just above the top of the screen. Whilst the left, right and bottom sides of the play area stop all momentum, the top side flips Y momentum. Unlike most bosses, the tall structure does not take up the entire right-hand side of the screen, and can also be landed upon.

Art Information

The background is a sun with small shadows criss-crossing it. The satellites use grey colours, and their main body fits a plus shape. Feel free to add extras onto them, like small solar panels, occasional bursts of jet fire from thrusters, and exposed wiring.

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