The players face off against a Titanoboa, one of the largest megafauna of its time. Battle Information The Titanoboa starts on the right-hand side of the screen. It attacks by either: Head Slam - Rears its head back to telegraph, before slamming it down on players, pushing them away. This attack is aimed at the … Continue reading Titanoboa

Red Baron

The player must wing-walk along the Red Baron's triplane as it flies over no-man's land during a storm. Battle Information The players are not attacked during this fight. Rather, the Red Baron rolls the plane (Never fully), causing players to slowly slide off the plane. Players must hit the Red Baron himself to deal damage, … Continue reading Red Baron

The end of the Ordovician Period

When Gondwana, a supercontinent, settled in the South Pole, glaciers arose that caused a sharp drop in sea levels. This is believed to be the cause of the extinction event that ended the Ordovician Period. The player fight ostracoderms (Jawless Fish) during a sped-up version of this event. Battle Information Players deal damage to the … Continue reading The end of the Ordovician Period