Attacks Rapidly throws their boomerang. Whilst it is outbound, players can ride atop it. When it hits something (a player landing on it doesn't count) it returns, and players cannot ride it during this time. If it hits a player whilst outbound, it provides an X-axis boost. User does not need to wait for the … Continue reading Boomerang


Attacks Spork is slapped down to attack. If the user is in mid-air and hits another player, the player is bounced whilst the user gains upward momentum. Holding attack stops all X-axis momentum. If the user is mid-air, this becomes a dive attack. If not, the Spork is stuck into the surface, and they pull … Continue reading Spork

Bin Lid

Attacks Bashes the Lid forward. Hitting a player like this repels them. Holding attack whilst falling increase the rate at which the player gains momentum, and if they hit a surface, then all y-axis momentum gets added to x-axis momentum, and the user slides across the surface. If they collide with a boss whilst still … Continue reading Bin Lid

Pogo Stick

Attacks User jumps higher than normal (And still gains the normal damage boost for height). User can jump on other players, bouncing them off the user and bouncing the user off the player. Art The character is French Knight from 1300, upon a Pogo Stick.


Attacks Almost instant attack, if a player is where the attack hits the ground, they are launched. Else, that spades stick in for second. If a boss was hit, the attack stops. If there was no boss, then the Spade is flung upwards (Whilst still being held), and a dirt mound is left behind. Dirt … Continue reading Spade

Squeaky Hammer

Attacks The hammer is brought overhead to slam into the ground. The attack button can be held, keeping the user in place but causing the hammerhead to bounceĀ other players. Art The character is member of modernised military, wearing standard fatigues. They use a Giant Squeaky Hammer.

Candy Cane

Attacks Attack is telegraphed by a small amount, as the candy cane is brought around. If a player is behind the user when an attack activates (After the telegraphing), they are given a large amount of momentum along the X-axis. Art The character is a Roman Soldier, wielding a Giant Candy Cane.