The game is meant to be played with friends, hence a requirement of at least 2 players in a game. It’s also local play only, so players can interact with their allies/competition during the game. It is playable on PC/Laptops, alongside consoles to allow as many people as possible to play it.

The game should be absurd, with the context or events making little to no sense, but the players should always know what they are doing.

The characters, who are unnamed and identified via their weapons, are: Boomerang, Candy Cane, Metal Bin Lid, Plunger Bow, Pogo Stick, Spade, Spork, Squeaky Hammer.

The Bosses are: Annexation of Flanders, Dyson Swarm, Golden Hind, Ordovician Extinction Event, Red Baron, Titanoboa, Warp Ship, Yggdrasil.

Players should be able to interact with each in ways that change the momentum of at least one of them.

Target audience is 10-25 year olds.

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