The Golden Hind

hindbossPlayers face off against the Golden Hind, the ship of Sir Francis Drake, whilst it fires upon them, upon the high seas.

Battle Information

Cannonballs criss-cross the screen in a repeating pattern, which cause players to bounce on hit. The pattern is designed to allow players to bounce to over the Golden Hind for a quick hit. Players can land on the Golden Hind to keep hitting it. The pattern of cannon fire changes at each milestone of 25% of the bosses health, becoming harder to navigate each time.

Players start on a sailboat, with the sea between them and the Golden Hind. With this boss, the water slows them by a large amount. Scraps of wood sometimes drift to the surface, which players can use as surfaces.

Play Area

Left, right and bottom of the screen and a small area just above the top of the screen. Whilst the left, right and bottom sides of the play area stop all momentum, the top side flips Y momentum.

Art Information

The background has other ships zipping past, small explosions appearing across their sides. As the boss’s health goes down, more and more fire appears on these ships. The foreground is made up of the player’s sailboat, flying a pirate flag, and the Golden Hind. They bob by a near negligible amount on the waves, which are low and calm. It is a clear sky throughout the fight.

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