Early Design Notation.

This was an early note, outlining what I wanted the game to be at its core.
Specifically, it fleshed out the core elements.



Local Co-op games require at least (the maximum number of players) characters, so in this case 4
However, people will develop favourites and as such more options increase the odds of people getting to play as their favourites
As such, a minimum of 8 characters with a maximum of 16

Variety is the core of party games, and as this one centres around boss fights, the core variety must be the bosses
This means not only a variety of unique bosses, but unique attacks so they don’t feel like copy/pastes

Weapon variety is of somewhat importance as well. Each of the stereotypes need to be filled
Slow High DMG, Fast Low DMG, Ranged Slow High DMG, Ranged Fast Low DMG, etc.
As well as some weapons in between.
This is because players have different fighting styles, so a weapon is needed for each
Maybe ask the class how they fight in games, get an idea of what styles there are?

Level Design should accompany the bosses, they should fit together smoothly
The levels still need to look fun. Maybe some minor background animations?

Does the music need to be varied? At least a few varieties are warranted, to avoid repetition

Bosses shouldn’t have ridiculous health, the matches are meant to quick not a grind
How to make them feel like bosses then? Medium health? Strong attacks?
Very little telegraphing. Enough to give players warning but not so much that boss feels out of place amongst the speeding players

High player movement speed, jumps don’t last long (quickly rise up, fall even quicker)

To ensure short matches, maybe use a timer?

Quick animations, rapid post-game report, fast tempo music


Score players via % of bosses health they did as individuals times 10?
so doing 24% DMG gives 240 points
Maybe allow one decimal place?

Medals-esc system? (Maybe they provide points/take away points?) (Some do neither, just there for fun)
“Attention Seeker” (Most Interactions)
“Moral Support” (Least DMG)
“Carried” (Most DMG)
“Compensating” (Biggest Hit)
“Stargazer” (Stood still the longest)
“Sugar Rush” (Moved the most)
“Untouchable” (Took no DMG)
“Punching Bag” (Lost more than 100% of their Health)
“Was there” (Did no DMG to the boss)
“Button Masher” (More than 50% of attacks didn’t hit)


Weapons also interact with other players somehow

Player Speed (Above normal range) and Player Height (Above normal range) give increases to DMG

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