Red Baron

redbaronbossThe player must wing-walk along the Red Baron’s triplane as it flies over no-man’s land during a storm.

Battle Information

The players are not attacked during this fight. Rather, the Red Baron rolls the plane (Never fully), causing players to slowly slide off the plane. Players must hit the Red Baron himself to deal damage, and the bonus for height is disabled. However, the bonus for momentum is doubled.

Play Area

All sides of the screen allow players to disappear for a brief second, during which they are teleported to the opposite side, keeping their position along the perpendicular axis.

Art Information

The German Triplane in question is the Fokker DR-1. The background features no-man’s land with wrecks of vehicles and equipment (liked barbed wire) across it. There are grey clouds covering the top of the screen, and it is raining.

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