Outside of gameplay

Across all of the following, “Attack” acts as “Confirm”, “Jump” acts as “Back”, and “Move Left/Right” act as selecting.

Main Menu

The logo takes up the centre of the screen, with each menu option being in a corner of the screen.

In the top left, “Play”.
In the top right, “Options”.
In the bottom left, “Characters”.
In the bottom right, “Bosses”.


Four columns with character select (Or, “Press any button to join”) within them. These select screens have a splash screen of the character currently being viewed, and a short description of what they do (Gameplay wise). Characters are changed with the “Move Left” and “Move Right” inputs, and selected with “Attack”. Upon selecting a character, the splash screen expands to take up the entire column, and a short animation of the character plays, before the sprite appears, in an idle animation.

In the centre bottom of the screen, a rectangle with a boss select and the play button is in front of the character select columns for players 2 and 3, matching the columns in width. It is at half transparency until all players have selected a character. It then jumps forth to become fully central and fully visible, doubling in size. Player 1 can use “Move Left” and “Move Right” to select a boss, the option starting on the “random” option. Whilst on that option, the background is jet black, but if the viewed option is a specific boss, then their background appears. Bosses are in alphabetical order. Player 1 can start the game by pressing “Attack”, but any player can return to selecting characters by pressing “Jump”.


A selection of tabs (Audio, Accessibility, Gameplay, Window [PC only]) are on the left-hand side of a form (The top-most extends out the furthest, with each subsequent one drawing further in), which contains the options of the currently selected tab, which is in the foreground unlike unselected tabs which are in the background. “Move Left” if used to move up, whilst “Move Right” is used to move down.


Has a selection of tabs, each one a character, with the selected one in the foreground, the others in the background. The top-most one extends toward the left by the largest amount, with each subsequent one drawing further in. When a character is selected, the short description appears, accompanied by animations of attacks and interactions. In the interaction animations, the character that is interacting (a.k.a the one not selected) is a shadow.


Appearance is much the same the “Characters” screen, but the tabs are for bosses, and a rolling animation of each of the boss’s attacks (Activating in turn) plays. As the Red Baron does not attack, the animation is simply the plane rolling back and forth. These animation also show what would normally be the screen in-game (Background, foreground and boss. Timer and boss health bar are excluded.).

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