entbossThe “World Tree” of Myth, Yggdrasil appears as a Tree Ent, with players only able to attack its foot, which remains on the right-hand side of the screen throughout the fight.


Battle Information

Its attacks are:

  • Rippling Root – A root moves from one side of the screen to the other (Direction is randomized), animating in a wave motion but only having the hitbox of a hemisphere. If this attack hits a player, it will repel them.
  • Branch Barrage – Several large branches fall across the screen. These branches gives a small burst of downward speed to players on contact. Many leaves also fall during this time, however these are background elements for looks.
  • Stomp – Leg lifts up, causing melee attacks by players at ground level to be unable to hit the boss. It then rapidly slams back down, pushing players to the left by a large margin.

Various plants with large leaves are present throughout the fight, with the top of the leaves being bouncy. As Yggdrasil’s health reduces, these plants rot away until no more remain. When only 25% of Yggdrasil’s health remains, a wolf (Specifically Skoll or Hati, as each are attributed to consuming the sun during Ragnarok]) consumes the sun from the background, causing a slow fade of the light level until it is semi-dark.


(0,0,20 [HSV], 323232 [RGB Hexcode] or 50,50,50 [RGB] with an opacity of 50% [0r 127, if the scale goes to 255] over the play area, to gain the Semi-dark effect)

Play Area

Left, right and bottom of the screen and a small area just above the top of the screen. Whilst the left, right and bottom sides of the play area stop all momentum, the top side flips Y momentum.

Art Information

Yggdrasil is a Norway Spruce tree. The background is a set of treeless plains, with mountains in the distance. The sun hangs in the top-middle of the screen at the beginning of the fight, arcing to the top-left of the screen as Yggdrasil’s health decreases, until it is eaten. Birds sometimes fly across the middle of the background (horizontally). Skoll/Hati is a particularly large wolf. There are some clouds crossing from left to right in the background.

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